Thursday, 27 November 2008

easy day

Those who already visited my blog perhaps noticed that I deleted some of my images published previously.Why? I wasn't satisfied with my choice and the form of my presentation, that's all ..  sorry 
However I will add now step by step selected photographs from all my photo-sessions related to Private Session project, to pleasure your eyes :) 
Some of my work is on my regular website in case you would like to see it .. Image on the left, self-portrait with Vee. I like doing this style of photos, it's like you are included in "art work" .. hm ..   

So, me and Vee met again, later on. I had CD in my hand and some excellent prints as well , hand made !
She was pleased as I can say, and she looked more relaxed this time as we knew each other already. I mentioned before I was coming about taking some more images... Really had no idea what to photograph as we've done it already .. "just some pictures"
..and we've done around 80 shoots ( 6x4.5), nicely ! While doing this shoot, she was completely naked, but I concentrated on portrait, tricky isn't it ... ?   

Vee, my last model, London area. I've got some quite personal shoots over there, really had a good time. We met after about a week knowing each other but we felt very comfortable with the time we spent together. 
However I must say, she was a bit careful at the beginning and met me at the local cafe first, then she took me to her "private room"
"knock knock.. who is it ? Bruno .. come in       


Success said...

Fantastic blog.
Great pictures.

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Keep blogging.
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Radu said...

nice shots mate. like them alot! as usual...

Anonymous said...

good to have you in the XXI century!:)

Radu said...

well done brano! good work.